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How to Do a Greaser Pomade Hairstyle for Men

Learn how to do a greaser pomade style from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Okay, greaser pomades, this is a Barber's Classic by Mitch. You see the texture - ultrashine, medium hold. It doesn't have a lot of hold, but watch how we can transform this.

Look at this. We're going to take a generous amount, maybe like a quarter amount. Distribute it evenly throughout the hands. You're going to coat the hair. Don't worry about styling it for now. You just want to get this all over the hair to add hold and shine. Pomade, pomade, pomade.

I think one of the most important parts of using a pomade is the distribution of the product. If you add all this to here and miss the back and you have a big dry spot it's going to throw off the head proportion. So,you really want to take your time with getting it in. The trick to this is don't try and style it while you're putting the product in. Get the product in first, then you'll see how easy the actual styling is - as one, two, three. I barely styled you. I just distributed product, then I lightly touched it, and there you go.

If you want to really distribute it you can take this and you can also do, we call it greaser pomade, but you could do classic old school Hollywood hair as well. Look at this. You comb everything back into a DA and slightly push forward. Or, you could take it off to the side with a side part and you have like "Mad Men" like 2060. You can do so much when you distribute this product evenly. Even that is like a nice, severe Prada black tie event.

My favorite, as I said, is natural. It adds a little bit more texture and a little bit less severity, and it really shows the character of your hair. That is greaser, baby.

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