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How to Razor Cut A Guy's Hair

Learn how to razor cut your hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


I razor-cut with an electric razor. Let's say this particular area seems a little bit dense. I kind of bring it up into the density, and I slightly angle-cut it down, and that creates like a razor or razored... It removes weight. There, anywhere it seems bulky.

Men usually have trimmers, so if they find something, a big part of the hair that feels a little heavy, I've told them to just sort of go in there and take it out. If they have really thick hair, they could afford to maybe do a little something themselves. I don't really recommend getting razor cutting unless you go to your stylist for it, but if you want a little cheat every now and again, you can remove a good amount of bulk through electric razors.

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