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How to Shampoo & Condition Men's Hair

Learn the best way to shampoo and condition men's hair from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Jason has really short hair, so the hair care of shampoo and conditioner or all-in-one shampoo and conditioner, is pretty straight-forward for you. So the biggest thing, when you have really thick, dense hair, the thing that you want to do is, when you get in the shower, rinse really well, right? And then you do a good size, like a tablespoon of shampoo, and what you want to do is, you don't want to just topically do it.

When you have any kind of drying on the scalp, you want to get in and really massage the scalp, almost like you're trying to remove the hair and get to the scalp. Because of you having such thick hair, I think that your scalp can get neglected, and you're just treating the hair and not the scalp. And any kind of drying or anything comes from the scalp condition.

Then you want to rinse that really, really well. A lot of people under rinse their hair. Then rinse real quick and then put on a conditioner, or they don't rinse it out properly, You really want to use your hands too, when you're rinsing, and encourage any drying or any dirt or impurities to come out of the hair. And then if you're drying, I would love you to use a little bit of the conditioner, and focus it, also, massaging.

When you massage the scalp, it creates blood circulation, which will exfoliate the topical layer, and also stimulates hair growth. Not that you need hair growth, because you have too much hair as it is.

But that's a proper way. Really simple, straight-forward, how to shampoo and condition. People don't rinse well enough. A lot of guys don't use conditioner. So if your hair is drying, you want to go in and put a little conditioner, and get it in on the scalp. But you can get away with anything. And it's nice having your hair moist, and it's almost like a prestyling. Shampoo and conditioner is going to soften your hair and give it a little bit more bend. If you just use shampoo, and it dries, it's going to be like wah, and it's going to require more styling product.

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