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How to Be a Well-Groomed Man with April Barton

Learn about April Barton, one of Howcast's experts in men's hairstyles and men's grooming, in this video.


My name is April Barton and I have a salon called Suite 303 at the Chelsea Hotel for the past 16 years, and my passion for hair has continued to grow with every passing year. I got into celebrity styling, I worked for Rolling Stone for years, I toured with Mary J. Blige. I love music, so it makes it really easy for me to be passionate about styling for, you know, from Borischnacof, Danzing, to cutting his hair, and it's not enough for me that you have to be a good hairdresser. You have to know how to cut good hair. But I've actually taken it a step above that.

In the last decade I have mastered our brand of the individual, the identity to the head, I cut to what they do for a living, to the head shape, to the personality, to the, to how much they want to maintenance their hair, what their lifestyle is. Rock and roll, you want to look good for three months without looking in a mirror, we've got your back. You know, so we take it on every level. Like, I like to be a master in hair. Like, I like to change textures of hair, alter them. Hair care. The best of hair care products, the best stylists, and it's not enough that, you know, my stylist etiquette has to be on, who they are as people, who they are as a hairdresser, and then, last but not least, who they are as an artist. What do you see when they walk in the room? How is that going to affect their waistline? How tall are they? How to elongate them. How to make them more approachable. If they have a furrowed brow and they're dark, maybe you want to lighten them up.

So there's a philosophy and a brand behind 303 and it's taken me a long time to build it, but it's really solid and it's kind of untouchable. People don't know what it is about 303 that they like so much. Is it just a great haircut or is it a vibe or what is when they come into 303 and why do they leave feeling, like, perfect? Well, we're going to show you. It's a little behind the scenes about what it requires. You get into the hair, you get into the psyche of the hair. You get into the weight distribution of the hair, so it's not just a haircut. This isn't taught anywhere else but here.
As I said, it takes more than being just a great hairdresser. You have to have an artist and you have to give it your initial, and that's what we're good at, is initialing our work to the individual.

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