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What Is Men's Grooming?

Learn what men's grooming is from Suite 303 stylist April Barton in this Howcast video.


Men's grooming is extremely a broad caliber. I prefer less metrosexual grooming, you know, over-groomed for men. So men's grooming would entail a haircut, facial hair grooming, whether it be a straight edge or grooming a beard or doing a moustache. Chest hair, if it's really a lot, you might want to trim it down, how to do that without it looking over-groomed. Any waxing or laser hair removal, if somebody's got a really bushy hairline, you might want to laser that so that your hairstyle lasts longer between cuts and looks a little bit more groomed. So the keyword is grooming.

You could take care of your nails by getting a manicure, per se. Or you might do it yourself. You know, it's men's grooming. Buff your nails out, file them, removing dirt from under the nails. Approaching your feet, if there's any calluses, you might want to get a pedicure.

So I would say men's grooming goes from haircut to facial. If you have any kind of acne or anything on the back, you might want to get a back facial. Any blackheads on the face, you want to get a facial. Hair, you could get your hair straightened a little if it's coarse and frizzy. You could add a little wave if you need a little bit more body. If you were a towhead as a kid and then you grew up and it got really ashy or dull, you might want to do a shampoo cap at the sink.

There's a lot of men's grooming that you know nothing about, like, the guy just looks good. He's got a glow to his skin. His hair is bright. It doesn't have to look like a man-light, like a highlight, that's like a stripe coming out of his head. All the grooming that men get done, and usually you have to go to a higher caliber of a stylist to encompass all these things. Like your stylist should direct you.

So if I know that my client is in the public eye, a celebrity, a rock star, and he has a receding hairline or he's starting to thin, I might recommend going to see a certain hair transplant surgeon. And it can range from anywhere to $10-, to $20-, to $30,000, depending on the severity of the thinning. I don't think you're going to get that direction by going to your local barber. Your barber's going to address your hair and you're lucky if you get a good straight edge. But if you go to a high-caliber stylist, you know, you're going to ask what they recommend.

There's also personal shoppers that can be recommended to you to go out and redo your wardrobe, or syphon through the clothes that you already have to sort of edit them and say, "This is dated. It doesn't look good," and reassess and mix and match and revamp your wardrobe for a small fee.

So style, personal grooming, it's essential.

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