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How to Develop Telepathy

Learn how to develop telepathy from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


How to develop telepathy. Well, you've got it. Whether you're conscious of ever using it or not, that is a different matter, but as a human being, you've already got it. How can you learn to, I wouldn't call it develop it, recognize it? Let me give you a little idea of an experiment. Give a great deal of thought to a friend. Now, not somebody who you chat to everyday. Somebody you hear from now and again. I'm not going to give you a time frame, now and again. Give an enormous amount of thought to that person. Thinking about their situation, where they live, what they're going through, and see if, out of the blue, they don't suddenly call you unexpectedly. You have made a mind-to-mind connection.

Now I stress, this is nothing sinister. This is nothing strange. It is the way we all communicate, and to get back to what I just said, it's a question of you recognize something you've already got.

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