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What Is Precognition?

Learn what precognition is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is precognition? Literally to know something in advance that one cannot logically have known. It's a form of clairvoyants to see something in the future, it doesn't really matter what, that is yet in this timeframe to come to pass.

I'd like to illustrate something very quickly. Again, way back at the beginning of my development. We were told to think about your live at the moment as being in a train. You’re going along, you can see where you're at the moment. You can see behind you. However, suppose you could get out on top of the train.

You could see past, present, and future all together. In this timeframe we like to think about the future still being out there, but of course to me it's perfectly obvious that the big events already exist out there. So, liking it to being just for a moment up on top of the train and getting a little peak into the future pre-early cognition, to know something before the event in timelines as we understand them.

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