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What Is an Out-of-Body Experience?

Learn what an out-of-body experience is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is an out of body experience? Many times it is thought that when we dream our astral body, the sort of spirit body drifts out of the physical body and wanders around, connected always by a cord to the physical body.

I, personally, was very aware when I was a teenager of looking down upon my body. Of course, I didn't know what that actually meant. There are many instances of people being in operating theaters where, again, the consciousness obviously out on every possible level, and they're up on the ceiling, totally aware of what the surgeon's doing. I mean, very dispassionate, and they're not thinking "Oh good heavens, I'm being cut apart" because it's the astral body, which doesn't have the same sensations as the physical body. So, literally, it's when the astral body moves out of the physical body and wanders around, as it does in dreams.

At the end of life, when the physical body is no longer functioning, died, then the cord is broken and the astral body is free to drift away. While we're still in good health, of course, it stays connected.

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