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What Is Aura Reading?

Learn what aura reading is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is an Aura Reading? I have to say right from the start that as far as I know Aura Reading is very rare, very, very rare indeed. However, does it exist? Certainly it exists.

What is an Aura? It is the energy field emanating around one, and even the most skeptic person will realize that we do run on energy and there is an energy force an electrical force around us.

There have been people in the past, I cannot say whether they still exist who in looking at the aura have said that they can see various little breaks in the aura and they knew at what time of the persons life there was an accident, a problem, an issue.

Also Aura Reading for the few, and I have to say is the few who can see auras the amount of life emanating particularly around the head and the colors are highly significant.

What does an Aura look like you might ask before one can read it. Very simply, you might think you've never seen an aura. Well, perhaps you haven't around the person, but you have. Who has not seen a picture of Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, or Buddha? Notice around them they've got halo's of light.

Did these start with Buddha, and Jesus Christ? No, since ancient times elevated people, holy people have been pictured with halo's of light around them. So, have you seen them with naked eye aura? Maybe not. Have you seen them in pictures? Most certainly you can, and a long time ago in Russia which it tends to be on the cutting edge when it comes to these things

Somebody devised a system called Kirlian Photography of putting the hands...I believe it was right on the photographic plate, not sure about that and photographing the energy emanating from the fingers. So one could actually see it in that way.

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