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What Is Telepathy?

Learn what telepathy is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is telepathy? It's the most basic way that we all interconnect. It was supposedly, who's to know, the ways humans connected before there was even speech. One could call it mind-to-mind communication.

Let's bring it down to everyday terms. It's the question of, you think of somebody you bumped into in the street. You were on the same wavelength. You're thinking of calling somebody, they're on the phone. And we think, oh, that's very strange! It isn't strange. It's almost the basic way of being in touch. We have all heard stories, surely, of mothers who become aware that their children, be they little or adult, are in some major trouble. Telepathy.

Also, if you share a flat with complete strangers. After a while you will develop telepathy between the two of you. It's not that you particularly care for them or not. I believe that the Aborigines of Australia still use the method. And they can communicate over thousands of miles, mind-to-mind. We, in the more supposedly modern, sophisticated world, have forgotten how to do that, but everyone of us still, whether we know it or not, deals with each other with telepathy.

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