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How to Develop Psychic Abilities with Paula Roberts

Learn about clairvoyant counselor and psychic investigator Paula Roberts, one of Howcast's experts in psychic abilities, in this video.


Hello. I'm Paula Roberts, known quite often as the English psychic, for obvious reasons. I've lived here in New York City since 1978. But I actually started my journey as a clairvoyant way before, in England.

When I came here after a year or two of trying to do regular work, not my forte, I became a full-time psychic consultant, or clairvoyant counselor, as you will. This has obviously been my path in life. I knew from a very, very early age that, a couple of things, very disconcerting... that wherever you are, wall-to-wall like sardines in a tin, I didn't have the vocabulary for it. I realized afterwards I meant spirit forms. It was very disconcerting. Think about it. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, you are not alone.

I have worked as a psychic, as I said, here since about 1982, but I actually started in England what was called development, you can't learn it, you've got it or you haven't got it, at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. What took me to the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain is that through being introduced to the Ouija board I realized, or in fact more accurately the girl I was doing the Ouija board with, because I'd never heard of it... that, her words not mine, you've got the gift. I wasn't quite sure what the gift was. However, I was lucky enough, not that I use the word lucky, but, hey, lucky enough, to be living around the corner in London to the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain. Went there in a development class.

Also, one of the things I developed back in England is handwriting analysis - graphology. I learned with one of England's absolutely best people, top people actually, Patricia Maughan. And I just took to it.

I now have a website, very simply,,, all one word, which gives a little bit about who I am, my background, and what I do.

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