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What Is ESP (Extrasensory Perception)?

Learn about ESP, aka extrasensory perception, from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is ESP? Extra Sensory Perception, literally, to know something that you cannot logically, possibly know, something outside your own physical experience. I have been told I have supersy, the ability to reach back in time to other people's experiences, not my own, and relay them as if they were my own.

I would like to explain this to you in a way that you're all going to understand. Okay. Think about your bedroom. It brings up a picture in your mind, doesn't it? Of course it does. Everybody does. You know what your bedroom looks like. When I am working in certain areas, the thing is, I would also know what your bedroom looks like. I've never been to your bedroom. That is something outside my personal knowledge, which also comes into play when I do my paranormal experiences, or, if we like ghost hunting, and also when I do my world predictions, which I do every year and have done for 25 years. This is nothing to do with tarot or anything else. I literally sit doing my world predictions with a yellow legal pad. I divide it into national, international, New York City, and for international, which is my basic strength, I, in my mind's eye, see the globe rotating, and I am drawn to certain areas. I put down what I see. It's always one liners. And you may or may not believe me, but this is the truth, I don't check the information to check to see whether it is logical enough. I commit it to paper, and send it off to Cindy Adams at the New York Post.

That is part of my extra sensory perception. These are things I don't know about, I couldn't possibly know about. they tend to be, well, the world predictions are, of course, in the future, and I have no control over them at all. I just see things that I cannot logically have seen.

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