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How to Develop Psychic Powers Using Crystals

Learn how to develop psychic powers using crystals from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


Crystals. Crystals is a huge field in and of itself. As I was contemplating
doing this talk about crystals I remembered a couple of personal stories I
have myself with crystals.

Now, Herkimer diamond. Not actually a diamond at all. I think this is my
piece of Herkimer. I'm not actually sure this is one of mine.

Herkimer diamond, it is supposed to facilitate psychic abilities. It's only
found in Herkimer which is a small town upstate New York. My personal
experience, does this expand one's psychic energies? Oh, yes it does. Oh,
but it certainly does.

And then I remembered somebody who had done a reading on me using various
crystals on the chakras. Lying down, of course, with various crystals. I
remember that I went out so far into the stratosphere. I knew so many
things about the person supposedly doing a reading on me. I was just miles
away. I knew a huge amount that logically I could not have known.

A couple of days ago I saw an article in the Sunday Times about the use of
a crystal by somebody very, very high up in Christie's. Now, this woman
said she was basically... she considers herself not to be spiritual. To be
very materialistic. However, she also talked about the power of objects.

And she had a piece like this, basic quartz. And she said at tense times on... or
when she's on a telephone call, a particularly difficult one, she finds she
holds. She likened it a bit to a rotary or a mizozo. Something which
represents something beyond itself. Way beyond itself.

I thought that's a very interesting way to put it. A lot of people use
crystals in amulets, talismans which again, are thought to have the power
that you put into them in the making of them.

A lot of people use quartz as jewelry to bring into alignment their various
chakras. The one that most people know is pink quartz for love. This
beautiful little one is actually in the shape of a heart. Does it improve
one's love life? I don't know. But perhaps it does so, why not?

Certainly on the desk that I use for my reading I have a variety of

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