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What Is Past Life Regression?

Learn what past life regression is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


I do not like thee Doctor Phil. The reason why, I cannot tell, but this I know and know full well - I do not like thee Dr. Phil. What is past life regression? It's the philosophy that the soul inhabits many, many different bodies in its progress towards perfection. Now, do we have any idea of how we can realize our own path? Sometimes, yes.

Do you have any particular affinity for the country, not your own country of origin? A certain type of food? Have you ever been to a foreign city and just felt at home? More particularly, have you ever met somebody in whatever circumstances, a perfectly nice person - nothing wrong with them - and you just can't stand them?

Conversely, have you met somebody, even under casual circumstances, somebody entirely different from yourself, not from your own have a conversation - perhaps it's a bus stop - and there is a tremendous feeling of warmth towards that person? Such things are supposedly indicative of past life connections with those people.

As we come forward into this life, the philosophy is that between lives we review our life that's just gone and see what we could have done a little bit better. Unfinished business is the philosophy of past life. What do we still need to work out and complete - either tasks or situations with people that we will meet again, perhaps in different relationships?

The trick is, or the philosophy is, however, once we get down here we've forgotten. We have totally forgotten what it was we were supposed to do, so we muddle along to the best of our ability. And sometimes we meet people, as I said, like Dr. Phil - you just can't stand them. There's no logical reason.

And, again, you meet people with whom there's some warmth and familiarity. Also, I am firmly of the belief that to access your past life is something you do yourself, preferably through hypno-regression, but also through, sometimes, recurring dreams.

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