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How to Read Tarot Cards

Learn how to read tarot cards from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


How to read tarot cards. I think we've got to start off with the hope, belief, that the reader, the psychic, actually has some level of ability. So, we've got to presume that before we start, because these are visual tools to create a story, which I'll explain to you in just a minute. So, I'm sitting here as the reader, the psychic. We haven't got anybody sitting there, but one has what is technically called a querent. The client who has shuffled the cards themselves to put their own energy into the cards. I'm going to demonstrate the most simple basic of the spreads, the Celtic cross.

Now, you will see that I put these cards down upside down, I cannot see. This is my personal way, I'm not suggesting to you that this is the way that might work for you or not. I'm just saying this is what works for me. Ideally, one is in a quiet setting, just preferably the two of you. There's also, I consider a reading to be, well it is, extremely private.

OK, so, we've got, now, I'll explain the way I do this. I then bring the card one by one up, because in that way it hits me. Now, if we were doing a genuine reading here, what we've got is a rather unhappy woman. What's the problem? This isn't a real reading as there's nobody here. What is her problem? She has success in her career much delayed. That is her problem, or at least apparently. Background, what has gone on recently, what is available to her?

Now, one then looks at the images, or not, and comes up with a story. Only as and when you receive verification or not from the client, and I personally never want to hear a thing about the client until later. One can feel certainly at the beginning if one's starting out, that one is telling a story. Only later does one hopefully realize it is relevant.

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