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What Is Tarot Reading?

Learn what tarot reading is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is a tarot reading? Well, I've got to start off by saying, that of
course depends on the level of clairvoyance of the reader. Because tarot
can be read in many, many different ways.

One can read it in a mechanical fashion. Definition of the card equals
this. Would that necessarily relate to, what is called literally, the
querer? The customer, the client, whoever is answering the question.
Probably not so much.

I must point out something here. Very important. No real psychic reads for
themselves. Why, you might ask. We lack the objectivity. I know of nobody in
the field who could read for themselves. Sorry. Wish I could. That's the
way it is. Really one is doing a reading for somebody else.

If one has a psychic ability, these are merely a tool. A visual tool. I
sometimes think, because I use tarot with clients, I think they serve
another purpose. Let me demonstrate.

Of course it would be the client who's doing the shuffling. Seven times.
Then returning the cards to me. I'm going to demonstrate the most basic,
the Celtic cross.

Tarot, if it is a discipline that appeals to you. What you need to do.
Either a kind friend can give you a deck, as I was first given. Or, perhaps
even better, go, if you can, either online or to a store. U.S. games. These
cards are the courtesy of them, and they have produced most of the cards.

Go online, or into a store, and you will see hundreds and hundreds of
different tarot decks. I cannot tell you which one might speak to you. That
is your choice. I choose Mary Hanson-Roberts and the basic Rider-Waite. You
might choose something considerably more esoteric in style. That is your

Also, having chosen your tarot cards, I believe it's very important to take
care of them. To wrap them at night in silk and put them in a box. Not to be
played with by other people in your household. You will, I think if you
treat them well and they speak to you, gain a great deal out of a tarot

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