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How to Be a Psychic

Learn how to be a psychic from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


How to be a psychic.

Basically, I've got to say you are or you aren't to begin with. However, if you have done quite a lot of development and you realize that I think when we say psychic we're talking about people doing psychic readings. That would be my basic understanding of how to be a psychic.

First of all, you've got to experiment over, I hope, many, many years. I hope you've got also long suffering friends, because one has to see one's basic rate of accuracy. Also, you have to, and I think the most important thing here, have an enormous interest in people, the human condition, how people tick, if you like. I think that is essential.

Then, what else do I think is absolutely essential? That you have a certain number of years under your belt. Why? Let me give you an example. Suppose somebody was 17 years old and a brilliant, intuitive psychic clairvoyant who could look at somebody and say, oh, you're going to drop dead in three months time.

Okay, now. Let us suppose, God forbid, that is actually correct. Would that be something to say to somebody? Oh, I don't think so. I do not think so. One has to have an ability to communicate, to judge the strength of the person or not - the client you're dealing with. Because one must always speak the truth, but how it is presented is incredibly important.

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