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What Is Tea Leaf Reading?

Learn what tea leaf reading is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


Tea leaf reading. It also applies to coffee grounds. I am going to demonstrate tea leaf reading. Now, I haven't got here a proper English tea pot with boiling water, so I have to do a mock up.

Now, first of all, you need proper tea. What do I mean by proper tea? I don't mean the powdered stuff that you get in tea bags. No, no, no. No, that won't do at all. I mean proper loose tea.

So, ideally, you make your pot of tea with absolutely boiling water. I mean to sound proper about these things. And then you pour a cup, which you then drink. I put a mock up here.

When you get towards the end, what you do, there's lots of tea leaves in here, you turn out the water. What are you left with? Patterns. Patterns of tea leaves.

Now, patterns of tea leaves, which you could look at and divine certain objects, people, future events. This is a form of what is technically called scrying. That means to look at something. It can be a crystal ball. It can be the tea leaves. It can be smoke. It can be fire. It can be clouds. And divine certain messages and patterns.

It's not for me to say what is your particular way of working. A lot of people are very fond of tea leaf reading. The divine something that is meaningful to the client, because it's the client who drinks the tea and then sees what's left in it. As I said, it really is a form of scrying.

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