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What Is Lucid Dreaming?

Learn what lucid dreaming is from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


What is lucid dreaming? Now, lucid literally means clear. Dreaming, one thinks of, as being only when you're completely asleep, however, with practice, some people do it naturally, but with practice, there is that sort of in between stage where you are aware that you are dreaming and in that state you can, if you so choose, guide your dream. It can be taught through meditation, but as I said, the easiest way I've experienced this, and I enjoy it, it's, let me give you an example that happened quite recently. In my dream, it was a light dream, I was sitting with a girlfriend discussing a wedding date, but as I was talking to her I thought "Ah, but she passed away last summer," so I was engaged in the conversation with her, but I also logically knew she was no longer with us in this plane.

And then it was as if we were in a coffee shop, I was walking out, and a couple of people coming towards me to come into the coffee shop, and there was a glass door and the other side of the door, clear as crystal, no pun intended, I saw my brother. In a split second, of course, I recognized him, but I also knew that he's no longer with us.

It's that state between dreaming where you can recall what you have dreamt. There are ways of counting down to recede, to get into that state. You can imagine yourself, for example, drifting down a river. Some people think it's useful before you put yourself into the state to give yourself an objective. What do you wish to experience in that state? Some people work out problems and issues. Other people just let it flow. It's not one thing for one people. Again, it's that state you are dreaming, but you also, you know you're dreaming.

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