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How to Find a Good Medium

Learn how to find a good medium from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


How to find a good medium. Best of luck I've got to start by saying. Best of luck. However I'll try to be a little more useful than that but not much more useful.

If you have the joy of living in Great Britain which probably not so many of you do. If you do, then that is really and always has been, not being chauvinistic, the seat of mediumship. I can't think there's a town in England without a spiritualist church which doesn't have services in mediums without vestiges.

However, for those of you who don't live in Britain. That isn't very helpful. There is no one particular way I could say you can find a good medium because also what does good mean. Good can mean many things to many people.

Now, I've got a friend, an extraordinary person, Karl Petry. He literally sees dead people all the time. I always liken him to the film The Sixth Sense. The little boy but grown up.

I spoke to him only yesterday. We were talking about how difficult it is to deal with some people who feel that they are interested in contact with the other side. Yet when they get it that isn't quite exactly as they wanted it. Well, poo.

That, I always think, well I know, it's not that I think. I know with mediumship, you get what you're given. It's not a question of going out to buy something. You can't get what you want. It's whatever is given to you.

Now how to find one. Well I have to say is it the best of luck. Having said that, ask for recommendations. Do you know of anybody who has been to somebody who was, in their terms, successful? Even then I've got to caution. What your friend finds as very satisfactory with a medium, you may not.

I've got to say to you if you find a medium go with an open mind. Very open to receive whatever may be given to you. Also, be aware that you can go to a world class medium. They don't get anything for you that day. It doesn't mean to say they're not good. The information has not been given that day.

It's more that you the potential client have more to understand about mediumship than as if you were going to buy something that you know what you're getting. You don't know what you're getting.

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