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How to Use a Ouija Board

Learn how to use a ouija board from renowned psychic Paula Roberts in this Howcast video.


It's necessary to have at least another person, I mean, I prefer just one other person. And, as I use it, I politely ask if anybody's there to make sure we have some sort of entity with us. We ask questions, some of them are extremely chatty and wish to keep our attention by telling us all sorts of stories about people we may know. Do we, my particular friend and I who work this, take this as being the gospel truth, well, no, but it's interesting.

At the end of the session, two things can happen, sometimes you're in the middle of a big conversation and then suddenly, it stops, they've gone, just gone mid-sentence and you know they've gone, it's a distinct feeling, they've gone. Other times, our hands are getting tired so we say, again, very politely, well thank you ever so much and we take our hands off. So, there are two ways of starting, and two ways of finishing. When you're in the middle of a sentence and they go, well, I'm not saying everyone would recognize that but it's totally different, I mean just gone, the energy's finished, gone.

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