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Manicure Tools You Need to Do Professional Manicures at Home

Learn the tools you need to give yourself a professional manicure at home from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Hi, I'd like to introduce to you the implements that you need, the tools that you can use, to do your own at home manicure. A nail brush is always handy because after you've soaked your nails and pushed back your cuticles, it's a really good way to exfoliate the skin around your nails and also remove any extra flyaways of dead skin that may be left. Before you soak your nails, always remember cut your nails with a nail clipper and use a fine grain or emery board to file and shape nails. This is step one. You have to cut and shape your nails prior to soaking them, because if you soak them, they're going to stretch and absorb the water, and when you go to shape them, they'll fray like a pair of jeans. Cut, shape, push back the cuticles, soak, apply cuticle remover, push back the cuticles with an orange wood stick, make sure you hold the skin on the side, push back this way, hopefully in one stroke, and then you push all the way back around the cuticle area and down the sides again. Whatever is left, you use with a saturated dust free wipe, preferably maybe witch hazel or alcohol so as to make sure that you remove all of the leftover cuticle remover off of your nail. The final step after you've cut, shaped, pushed back your cuticles, is to buff your nails. What you're doing is creating a smooth nail bed so that the polish looks smooth on your nail. The buffer has a very very fine grain, so what it does is it just finely buffs and smooths out any ridges or corrugations that you may have in your nail. If the corrugations or the ridges are deep, I recommend you seeing a ridge filler, it's perfect for filling the dents and the ridges and the corrugations to create a base for a perfect manicure. One final tool that's optional is using a manicure bowl to soak your hands prior to buff pain and adding cuticle oil. Just a little bit of water with some soothing soap, warm water, put your nails and for no more than about 30 seconds. This will soften the cuticles up, which will make it easier to remove them. Now you have all the tools you'll need to complete a manicure at home.

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