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How to Remove Old Nail Polish

Learn how to remove old nail polish from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


There are several types of nail polish removers that you can use to remove your nail polish at home. Non-acetone nail polish and acetone nail polish are available in any drug store or pharmacy or health and beauty aid store. What I recommend is depending on how many layers of polish you have on, use non-acetone. It's less harsh on the skin around your nails, it just takes a little longer for the polish to come off. There are also nail polish removers available now that have essential oils in it that actually smell a lot better and they actually moisturize the skin around your nails as your removing the nail polish. Today I'm going to use acetone nail polish with lavender essential oils infused.

When you're removing nail polish always apply pressure to the entire nail bed to ensure that you saturate the nail and soak through all the layers of the nail polish and then you drag it toward the free edge to ensure that you don't stain the skin around the nails. Saturate it, maybe about two or three seconds and then just do a nice rub and just pull it toward the free edge and as you can see there is no polish on the skin and the nail is ready for a manicure.

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