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How to Fix Nail Polish Chips & Bubbles

Learn how to fix nail polish chips and nail polish bubbles from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


In the event you get a chip and you don't have time to go to the salon or do a complete manicure. Take the polish that you used.

Smooth out the chip if you need to with a nail file so that there isn't like a stair step look at the corner of the nail. You want it to be almost like a ski slope. Where it's smooth toward the part where the polish is chipped away. This way you don't see a clump of polish.

You could also buff the nail if you have some time. Just to make sure it's smooth. Always use a dust-free wipe after you've buffed or filed your nail. Just to remove the dust. That also helps create that ski slope effect so that the polish will glide on.

If you have time always apply a base coat. If not I'll let you apply polish right to the nail. Always use just enough polish so that you have control and don't apply it to the entire nail. Always apply it where the chip is.

If the chip is really deep and you have base coat, two layers of color and a top coat and it looks really thick. Give it a second to dry before you apply a second layer because you don't want to create a shadowing effect. Where you have this light section where the nail polish chipped. You always want it to look the same. Consistency.

Give it a second to dry. Then go back into the same spot and apply additional polish. I also recommend doing that because you don't want to be able to see through the nail. Depending on how dark the polish is because then you'll definitely be able to see a difference.

Put your polish away. That gives your polish a chance to dry. Then go back in with your top coat after you've given the chip section a chance to dry. Apply top coat to the entire nail.

That will camouflage where the chip is. Also make you look like you've just had a brand new manicure.

If you have time apply top coat to all ten of your fingers because it will add a few more days to the life of your manicure.

Now bubbles. No one wants to get bubbles in their manicure because they're hard to fix. The same rule applies to a smudge.

If you can just dip your finger in nail polish remover. Just go over the nail really quickly to smooth out the bubbles. Then go in and apply your top coat. The bubbles just smooth out. They should literally disappear.

If they don't, sorry, you have to start over.

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