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How to Dry Nails Fast

Learn how to dry nails fast from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


To dry your nails fast when you're doing your manicure at home, you can use a fast drying top coat. You can always keep a can of quick nail dry. It drys the nails quickly and it leaves a little bit of oil around the fingernails. Around the skin. Or you have the option of using quick dry drops.

After you've finished applying the top coat, you'll take the drops, and just a few drops on the nail bed, and you'll see it actually starts to dry the nail really quickly. Another option is a fan. I love this little mini fans. You can get them at Target. Any cool little store. Especially during college time, they're great for the dorms.

But I like them for drying nail polish fast. And I'll tell you why. Because you can put the fan close to your hand. And as your polishing, you can dry each layer. This way, it decreases smudging. It also gives the nail polish a chance to settle, and you can go to the next layer. But if you're in a rush, use a quick dry top coat.

So I'll show you. You always apply the same way. And when you're finished, don't touch your nails right away. Although that it says that it drys really quick, you can still smudge it. Give it at least two minutes to dry. But you apply it the same way. Not too much. Make sure you have control of the brush.

And another tip for drying your nails really fast is to use a nail polish that says it dries fast. Or you can use a nail polish that says is has top coat built-in or it has a high shine. Make you avoid having a top coat, decreases one step, and then your nails will dry faster. Because instead of four coats, it's three.

If you have time, as your painting your nails, use the mini fan. Just turn it on. It create just enough wind, or air, that you can dry it in between layers. So just take a few seconds because, of course, you can't polish and dry one hand at the same time. So in between each layer, just take a few seconds and let them dry in between. And then you turn it off, of course. And go back to the next set. And try not to chip your nails in the process.

You can also use the quick dry drops, after you've applied the top coat. Most nail polish companies come with a top coat and a quick dry. I don't recommend mixing them because you don't know what's going to happen. And that may create bubbles on the nail and then you have to start all over again.

But quick dry, don't touch the nail bed, because you don't want to smudge the nails. And you just make a few drops. And you can see, it's really thin. And it just runs straight down to the free edge of the nail. And leave it alone. And it will dry within seconds. I would say give it two minutes though. And there's a few tips on drying your nails fast.

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