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How to Do Caviar Nails

Learn how to do caviar nails from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Now I'm going to show you how to do caviar nails, the latest nail trend. You apply one coat of polish first, let it dry. Then you go in with your second coat of polish. Always remember to seal the free edge. Now to create the caviar effect, you dip the nails in micro-beads that you find at Michael's or any craft store. The smaller the bead, the prettier the pattern.

So you take the finger and you simply dip it into the caviar to create the beads. No worries, if you don't cover the entire nail, dip an orange wood stick in some clear nail polish and simply fill in the areas. Or you can do a French, just put them on the tip. What's fun is you can put any color at the bottom underneath the caviar - the beads. Then you just gently push them into place. As you can see all of them on the stick, they're still adhering to the nail. You can always reposition them to get a design going. You allow it to dry. This is a fun, new way to add a little bit of nail art to your nails. I recommend covering them with topcoat so they don't feel raised and they don't snag on your clothes.

As an option, if you like the feeling of it, you can leave it like this and just let your nails dry. I say add topcoat. Once again, that was an additional tip. That's how you create the new and latest caviar nails.

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