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How to Do Nails with Rhinestones

Learn how to put rhinestones on your nails from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Now we're going to show you how to add a little bit of bling to your manicure. As simple as adding a few rhinestones or crystals. Your nails are actually bling and look like they're full of sequins. Simple.

Make sure you apply nail polish and it dries completely before you apply the rhinestones. I've opened the lids for the black rhinestones and a few iridescent pearlized crystals. These are the basic clear ones.

To start off you apply two coats of polish and allow it to dry on all ten fingers. Or if you only plan to do one finger let that one finger dry.

You take a regular top coat. Apply it to the nail. Or, as an alternative, if you want the rhinestones to last a little longer, you can use nail glue. It's your option.

You apply your top coat. Then you take your dotting tool or an orange wood stick. Just dip it a little bit into the nail polish because you want to start to pick up... you want to make it easy to pick up the rhinestones.

Then have fun and position them anywhere you like. Sometimes it's just really classy to put one right by the finger. Or have some fun and make them cascade down.

Depending on how long the nail is you can add several and cover the entire nail. Or just add a few. Be creative. Make as many patterns as you like. The smaller the rhinestones the more options you have. The bigger your pattern will be.

As you can see that looks really classical. Looks really nice. You can do this to all ten and do different patterns. Or just do it to one finger.

Motif apply the rhinestones and they start to dry. To secure them a little longer, if you haven't used nail glue, take the top coat and drop it around the rhinestones to keep them in place. This will avoid compromising the shine but it will hold the rhinestones in place.

Then just complete another small coat of top coat on the nail so that it doesn't look like you have drops of polish all over your finger.

When you're ready to remove the nail polish, the nail polish remover will loosen up the rhinestones and they'll come right off.

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