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How to Do a Professional Gel Manicure at Home

Learn how to do a professional gel manicure at home from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


Now we're going to talk about doing your own gel, professional gel manicure at home. Several companies have decided to put there gel polish in smaller bottles so that you can take advantage of creating your own gel manicure at home, but keep in mind although the bottles are smaller and cheaper than the professional size bottle, which is normally about the size of a bottle of nail polish, you still have to buy the base, the UV lamp, and a top coat. It's a good investment if you know how to apply it correctly, but I always recommend going to the salon to have them apply the gel for you because they know the correct steps and they know how to prep your nail to make sure that the gel adheres to your nail correctly.

Most important is proper removal. When you're removing gels although it may start to chip or lift off of the nail never peel it off. What it's doing when you peel it off is it's actually taking off the top layer of your nail, which gives your nail the appearance and the feel of a weaker nail and it makes it more sensitive to hot and cold. That's why you have consumers and women complaining that gel manicures are bad for there nails. What's actually bad for your nail is the peel off. So you always want to soak the gels off so that your nails are the same as they were before you put on the gel.

This particular company has a packet that you can just open and use the packet that's already saturated with nail polish remover and aloe and lanolin to protect your nails. You just simply rest your fingers in here, and it will literally just take its time a soak the polish right off, the gel polish right off. It takes about maybe two to five minutes if not more, depending on how thick the gel is.

Hands Down is also an awesome company. They have these gel removers. You saturate the cotton part, the padded part of the wrap with acetone, you always have to use acetone nail polish remover or 100% acetone in order to remove gel from your nails.

I also recommend taking a buffer or an emory board and just roughing up the top of the nail and opening the free edge of the nail to remove the gel. You take the saturated cotton part and you apply it straight to the nail. You put it here. This is the tricky part with this one. Hold it in place, and it literally wraps right around your finger like a piece of gauze. No stickiness. It just adheres and eventually what it will do is saturate the gel and it will just simply come right off of your nail.

If you start to see that it's still a few pieces of gel stuck, take your emory board. Not your emory board, I'm sorry. Your orange wood stick and just push whatever is left off of your nail. Always remember after you remove the gel, the gel from your nails, saturate your cuticles because the acetone will dry your cuticles out. And that's a few tips on applying your own gel manicure, professional gel manicure at home.

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