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How to Apply Nail Tips Like a Pro

Learn how to apply nail tips from Spa Taxi owner Danielle Corbin Jaime in this Howcast nail tutorial.


When you're applying nail tips, always make sure that your nail bed is free of nail polish and it's dry. If it's oily, the glue will have a hard time adhering to your nail.

To achieve this, you should push back your cuticles to prep the nail and remove all of the shine with a buffer. Then remove the dust with alcohol. This will create the perfect platform for applying tips to your nails.

You would do this whether you're applying full tips, and full tips cover the entire nail bed, or free well tips which means they are going a little bit higher than the free edge. Then you are going to apply either gel, silk, or acrylic on top to make sure that the nail that's applied a little over the free edge stays in place on your nail.

When you're applying full covered tips, put the glue in the well of the tip and apply it this way, at a 45 degree angle, and push the tip down on to the nail bed. What will happen is any excess glue will come out underneath. This way, you can go in with a Q-tip and just clean the excess glue right off.

When you're applying tips that leave a little bit of the free edge, a little bit of the nail bed out, because you're going to add silk or acrylic or gel on top, you use the same 45 degree angle concept but you're applying the tip this way. So all of the excess glue comes out and, as you're blending the tip, you remove any excess glue that may hit the nail bed.

Always remember to remove the dust and make sure that the nail stays dry so that whatever product you apply on top will adhere to the nail bed properly.

And that's it. My tips on applying tips to the natural nail.

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