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How to Do a Sit-Up

Learn how to do a sit-up from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Now, I'm going to demonstrate the proper form to do a sit up. Two ways you can do this to make it more challenging. Let's start with the easier version. Okay? Legs flat on the floor 90 degree angles with your knees. You're going to cross your arms on top of your shoulders. Okay. The first thing you want to think of before you come up to do this sit up is to push your lower back down into the floor so you're not arching it to come up. So, what I mean by that is do not lift the pelvis. You want to push down into the mat before you come up. So, as you come up you are going to exhale. Okay? Come up over top of the knees. Down slow for the negative. Then come right back up. Okay. Try to keep the feet flat on the floor. If you need someone to hold your feet, you can do that or hold dumbbells at the floor to try to hold you down with like, an anchor. And if you want to make it harder, your hands are behind the head. Same thing, adjust your feet to 90 degrees. Okay. Come up. Close the elbows on top of the knees. Down slow, you want to open to elongate the torso. And then come straight up again. But, once again, do not lift from the back to come up. Push down into the mat with the tailbone and the lower back. Then you lift and exhale. Okay. Those are the two variations to do a proper sit up.

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