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How to Do the Scissors Ab Workout

Learn how to do scissors from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Now I'm going to demonstrate how to do scissors. Okay, this is primarily a lower abdominal exercise. What I'm doing is lying down on my back. Okay, hands at my side, or if you need to palm some back support, you can place your hands underneath your uh, glutes. Okay, and your legs are gonna be extended. Okay, and you're actually going to twist your legs in and out. Okay, or you can do it straight on. So there's two different variations. You can go inner, outer, both work your lower abdominal's, or you can go straight. Okay, keep the knees slightly bent, so it takes off a little pressure in the back. Okay, or you can do another variation and you're bringing the legs inner and then outer. But primarily this exercise is working the lower abdominal region. Okay, so that is the proper way to a scissor.

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