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How to Do a Windshield Wiper Ab Workout

Learn how to do a windshield wiper from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Now, I'm going to demonstrate how to do a windshield wiper. What you're going to do is lie flat on your back. You can have your arms straight out at the sides for a little bit of leverage. Two variations. You can keep the knees bent for of a beginner level and kinda rotate the hips to either side. But notice, I don't let my legs touch the floor. And then you swing the hips and the legs to the opposite side. Okay. If you want it more advanced, you straighten the legs. Again, try not to let the feet touch the floor. So, you feel that stretch in the obliques. Okay. And the hips. This is also a good exercise to open up the back if you want to use it with like, a Swiss ball to start out. But, we're doing this today as an abdominal exercise. So once again. Level 1. Knees bent taking off a little bit of pressure off the back and the spine. Okay. Rotating to the opposite side. Level 2. Straighten the legs out at the top. And repeating the same form side to side. How it got its name, windshield wiper. That's the proper form. How to do a windshield wiper

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