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How to Do a Russian Twist Ab Workout

Learn how to do a Russian Twist from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


OK, now I am going to demonstrate how to do a Russian twist. Now what you are gonna start with is your feet flat on the floor at a ninety degree angle and then you are gonna kind of tilt backwards and lift them off the floor at about forty five degrees, okay, and you are going to twist; you can either actually do it with your body weight or if your had a medicine ball or a dumbbell you can do that variation as well to add weight of resistance. But you are gonna twist, try to look straight ahead so you are not kind of getting dizzy. You just want to look straight ahead, twist your torso not your head keeping your neck neutral. Okay and you can do this for about a minute try it for aminute if you can. You can always work up to a minute even if it is still too difficult. But everything starts in moderation. So you can always, progression is the most important part of anything we exercise. You always have to start where you can keep up with it, and then you can make it more advanced. Okay, notice I still lean slightly back and I am exhaling as I twist. So on the contraction is when you turn the torso. Try to be careful and not move your legs. You want to keep them as still as possible when you are twisting. That will create the sense of feeling it more in the oblique region when you twist and that is the proper way to do a Russian twist.

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