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How to Do a Straight Arm Crossover Sit-Up

Learn how to do a straight arm crossover sit-up from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Now I'm going to demonstrate one of my personal favorites, straight arm crossover sit ups.

We're going to take two dumbbells, these are going to be weighted sit ups. Your arms are going to be straight. Your legs are going to be at a 45 degree angle, and when you come up to do your sit up, the one arm is going to stay above the head.

The left arm is going to turn into the opposite knee. It's definitely one of the more advanced abdominal exercises, but you're really concentrating on a lot here.

You're working your upper abdominals, your obliques, and your shoulders, because that one arm stays above the head in a finished shoulder press fashion. So, you're going to lift straight up.

Notice, I turn that elbow into my opposite knee. It's more like a curl, the way I turn my arm. I'm like curling, making almost like a bicep curl. Exhaling. Coming straight up and alternating those arms. That's how it got it,s name, the straight arm, alternating sit up.

Notice, I come down, nice and slow, to get that resistance in the lower abdominals, keeping the tension on the stomach. It's very important to breath.

Try to keep the feet flat on the floor. If you need something to hold your feet down, you can use a medicine ball, or an exercise block.

That's how you properly execute a straight arm crossover sit up.

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