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How to Do Super Crunches with a Medicine Ball

Learn how to do super crunches with a medicine ball from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Now i am going to demonstrate one of my favourite endurance exercise for the abs. Super crunches with the medicine ball. Okay, take a four pound medicine ball you gonna bring it to the exact ninety degrees, okay, and you want to try to built speed take the ball, put the ball on, take it off, place it on your feet so come up as high as you can, take it off. So the key is to built speed as you get the hang of it. so the ball doesn't roll back down, keep the legs level at that ninety degree angle. Exhale each time you come up to do that crunch. Do about twenty rounds if you can, goes pretty fast because you don't super crunches here, and also you properly execute super crunches with the medicine ball.

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