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How to Do a Front Plank on an Exercise Ball

Learn how to do a front plank on an exercise ball for six pack abs from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this ab workout video from Howcast.


Now I'm going to demonstrate how to do a front plank on an exercise ball. Okay, it's going to take a little bit more core strength. You're going to start on your knees. Okay, place your elbows down on top of the ball, like so. Okay, a lot of people you'll see crossing their hands, but I want you to concentrate on keeping the hands separate. Okay, that's gonna develop more core strength over time. And you're gonna lift up, squeeze the glutes, push in the bellybutton into the back or your navel into the back, really engaging the core here. Okay, it's very natural to feel like you're shaking a little bit, but as long as you're balanced and feel comfortable on top of the ball, that's whats most important. So you are gonna flex your upper body, tighten your midsection, so you feel that stretch in the lower abdominals. You're going to hold this position, okay, for about 30 seconds to a minute. Really engaging the core underneath, so you feel you're nice and balanced on top of the ball. Okay, keep your legs fully extended, breath naturally, so you don't hold the breathe, tighten the midsection. Okay, when you're finished that 30 seconds to a minute of doing the front plank on the exercise ball, drop to your knees. Okay, take a rest. And that's how you properly do a front plank on an exercise ball.

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