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Six-Pack Shortcuts

Learn some six-pack shortcuts from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Hi, I'm James Rizzo bringing to you six pack shortcuts. What I want to introduce today is just getting a good stretch before you even start to do ABS so you can kind of lay on the ball like this. You can start to stretch to elongate your torso and you can just start doing a little bit of a reach which is also a crunch.

Okay and when I mean shortcut you can without stopping, you can just start going into a little bit more movement without resting so the resistance stays in your abdominal region. If you want to modify it, keep your hands in front, it's a little bit easier so this would be more of a level one.

Hands behind the head would be more of a level two. Okay? Notice I'm pushing my hips into the ball as I come up and then I'm twisting my torso from my elbow into my opposite knee.

Okay, once again, level one, pushing down into the ball with my hips and my lower back so I'm not using my back to help me up. Once again if you need a stretch without stopping you can always stretch and kind of do more of a resting position which is also a crunch.

I always say resting you can keep doing crunches that way the resistance stays on the abdominal region. It's very important to remember to breathe when you come up. So exhale as you come up which a contraction is occurring in the stomach.

You can even reach a little higher like you're trying to touch the ceiling. Okay? So that's what I have for six pack shortcuts and I'll just keep the resistance on that abdominal region without stopping that way you really feel it more in the mid section.

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