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The Truth about Abs

Learn the truth about abs from certified personal trainer James Rizzo in this home ab workout video from Howcast.


Hi, my name is James Rizzo and I'm gonna talk to you about the truth about ABS.

The truth about ABS is that ABS take a lot of stimulus meaning you can work them every day. The most important foundation is to strengthen your core. It stretches from our abdominal region all the way through our spine.

So unlike a lot of other body parts such as legs, chest that need sufficient amount of rest, like 24 - 48 hours rest. ABS on the other hand, you can work them every single day because that's your foundation. Those are your building blocks of your exercise regimen. It kind of holds you together so to speak I like to call it from your upper and lower body.

ABS are very, very important. The truth about ABS is although you can do ABS everyday but if you don't incorporate some type of cardio vascular endurance, getting the heart rate up meaning and having a very strict diet. Eating clean, eating the right foods.

Doing ABS you're really not going to see the results that you're looking for like a lot of these info mercials try to say, you know they don't really tell you the ins and outs.

They kind of show you the before and after based on hard work and results but they don't tell you that these people that they are showing you on these before and after pictures, you know, they actually eat very strict.

They are on a good diet and they do a lot of cardio vascular endurance such as bicycling, running, swimming, you know doing whatever favorite sport they like to do. So keep in mind that's the most important part about the truth about ABS.

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