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How to Modify Your Pre-Pregnancy Workout Routine

Learn how to modify your pre-pregnancy workout routine from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast exercise video.


Alright you decided you want to get pregnant and you’re not pregnant yet and you need to modify your workout routine. There are some things you can do to help you get pregnant and avoid any complications.

First off reduce stress. Stress does not help you get pregnant . So if your work out is too intense and driving you crazy, back off. Also you want to make sure you're eating right, talking to your doctor about finding a nutritional regiment that works for you and it makes you that much healthier and to help you get pregnant. You can also do a lot of stretches that open up the hips in case you're hips are feeling tight. A lot of women seem to feel like their more fertile when their hips are more open. Go to a Yoga class that would really help you open up your hips and feel a little bit more fluid in your pelvis. So in summary there are three big things to focus on. Number one your nutrition.

Eat well, eat healthy. Number two your stress. Find ways to de-stress yourself, whether it's going to the gym or just siting and relaxing and breathing. Number three stretch out. If your body is feeling tight it's not going to feel so receptive. So go take a Yoga class or something, go sit on the floor and stretch out your legs and back

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