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How to Work Out When Pregnant to Get Body Back Fast

Learn how work out before having a baby so you get fit faster after delivery from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


Everyone wants to know how to workout before you get pregnant to know how you can get fit fast after your baby's been delivered.

Here's the truth. You have to be fit before baby. You have to have a healthy lifestyle. Find a diet that is healthy for you and appropriate to your lifestyle.

You want to find a workout regimen that challenges you and keeps you fit.
You also want to moderate the stress levels in your life. The more calm you are, the less weight gain you generally have.

Once you get pregnant, you may have to make adjustments to all these things. Your diet's going to change. Talk to your doctor about how to adapt for your growing baby.

Your workouts are absolutely going to change. If you are normally running a marathon every month, that's not going to be happening once your baby's there.

But, you can continue to work out during your pregnancy. Keep the exercise level moderate and you and your baby will be safe.

Now being pregnant's very stressful for some women. So, find ways to help with that stress. Talk to other women. Go to prenatal classes. Go to prenatal groups. Discuss everything that worries you, that has you excited, with other people and stress levels should be a little less.

Once baby comes out, you're not eating for two any more. You have to get your diet back on track for just you.

Continue to workout as best you can, though again, with baby in your life. You're not going to be able to hit the gym five days a week unless you have someone else there to help you out.

Find ways to incorporate working out into your lifestyles, taking walks, maybe doing lunges while you're giving baby a big hug.

And, then again, you're probably not going to be sleeping the way you used to. So, regulate your stress the best you can. Find quiet moments in your day to just breath and be with yourself. And, your body will react for all these changes.

So, if you keep a health lifestyle your whole life, whether you're with baby or post-baby, you shouldn't have to worry to much about the baby weight.

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