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Is It Safe to Do a Pregnancy Workout Right Up to Delivery?

Find out if it's safe to work out while pregnant right up to your delivery date from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


Every pregnant woman wants to know if it's safe to work out right up until delivery. The short answer is yes. You can work out right up until your due date, and even a couple of days after if you're a little behind. You just want to keep it slow and low, slow paced, low intensity. Pick exercises that are going to minimize your discomfort, maybe focusing on stretching and range of motion work. Prenatal yoga classes are wonderful for that. We'll take you through very pregnant friendly poses classes, and the teacher is always there to encourage you to slow down and think about you and baby. Working out before pregnancy or up until your due date is a wonderful, healthy mental distraction. It will take your brain off of the challenge coming ahead, but also prepare your body for the delivery. So if you're getting close to your due date or it is past your due date, you are welcome to exercise and move about. Just don't worry about going and running a marathon. It's time to chill out and just maybe stretch and move nice and gracefully.

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