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What Are the Best Workouts for Pregnant Women?

Find out the best workouts for pregnant women from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


A lot of my clients ask me what is the best work out for pregnant women? The truth is there's not one best work out. It's going to be what's best for you. If your joints are feeling really sensitive swimming is a great way to work out without putting any stress on your joints. And the water would feel really nice after you get a little bit more pregnant your belly gets a little heavier the water support you make you feel a little less heavy.

You can also hop on one of the row machines. I love the concept to rower it's a really smooth ride. You get to strengthen your back work your cardio gently. And you can do the row machine for quite a while until your belly gets too big and the row machine becomes uncomfortable. Personally I love the stair machine, it's like an escalator that you're going to walk up. Just be careful to go to moderate pace not too fast and use the hand rails so you don't fall off. If you've been running before your pregnant you are able to run while pregnant, just make sure you use the support of jogging bra and you don't push yourself too hard.

Whatever you’re doing make sure you can carry on a conversation. If you're sucking air and can't breathe you're going to hard and need to back off. And one final thing you can lift weights even when you’re pregnant. In fact it'll help you get through the pregnancy as well as post pregnancy when you're carrying your child around you're going to want that extra strength that weight lifting can give you.

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