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How to Do Pre-Workout Stretching During Pregnancy

Learn pre-workout stretches for pregnant women from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


Here are some pre-workout stretches you can do. Vicki's going to grab her left wrist with her right hand, gently pull down the left arm, and drop her head to the right ear. Right ear to right shoulder. Very gently breathe, and you're going to hold for about five to 10 seconds. And then slowly bring the head back to vertical and switch the hands in the grip.
Good. Drop the ear to the left shoulder, gently breathe and hold for about five to 10 seconds.

Bring the head back up to vertical. Go ahead and take your hands behind your back, interlace the fingers, stretch your knuckles down and away as you roll the shoulders back. You can drop your head forward here, and maybe rock a little side to side. This will allow you to stretch out the upper traps, finding a good spot where you may be feeling a little tight. Go a little slower. Very nice. Lift your head back up. Open your arms nice and wide. We're going to stretch out the upper back.

Cross your right arm over your left arm, and then you're going to grab your wrist. Drop the shoulders, lift the elbows and take the hands away from your face. Again, breathing gently, letting those shoulders open up in the back, holding for about five to 10 seconds, and then open the arms nice and wide. Switch left over right, and grab hold of your hands. Drop the shoulders, lift the elbows and take the hands away from the face.

Very nice. Open up the arms again, and relax them down by your sides. To open up the front of the hip, Vicki's going to take a lunge. Very nice. Place the hands on the thighs and let the hips move forward gently, keeping the spine upright. This allows you to open up your hip. In the first trimester, you're totally welcome to go as far into the stretch as it's comfortable. Later on, relaxin hormone will be surging through the body. It's going to allow your ligaments to stretch a little bit more than your muscles. Keep the stretch in the belly of the muscle and don't try to feel it in the joints. That's no good.

If you like, switch legs. Good. And then again, breathing gently. Just going to a point of comfort, not discomfort, keeping the stretch in the belly of the muscle, not into the joints. So we want to keep it out of the hip more into the front of the thigh.

And so those are a couple of exercises you can do to warm up your body before you work out.

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