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How to Tone Your Arms & Upper Chest while Pregnant

Learn arm and upper chest toning exercises for pregnant women from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to show you a couple of exercises that allow you to tone your upper body while pregnant. Most of the mommas to be that come to me say they want to get pretty triceps and pretty shoulders. So we're going to show you just how to do that. One weight. She'll turn around to demonstrate how to do this first one. It's a tricep exercise I call the French Press. She's going to take her right arm straight up overhead. And then use her left hand to support her upper arm right below the elbow. From here, she's going to very gently take the weight behind her head towards her upper back, and then using the tricep on her right arm, press the weight back up into the sky.

Good. Very gently bring it on down once more. And then using the tricep, press all the way back up. Good. And then take it to the other side. Left hand will take the weight. Go straight up into the sky. Use the right hand to support just above the elbow. Good. That weight's going to go behind your head. You try to keep the elbow right over the shoulder, as you press all the way up using the tricep. Press the weight towards the ceiling. And then very gently lowering back down. And once more, keeping the elbow up nice and high. Use the tricep. And gently come down. Very nice. Beautiful French Presses.

From here, Vicky's going to have two weights. And face the front. We're going to do what's called a Lateral Raise. She's going to keep her arms very, very straight. Spine nice and tall. And reach the arms straight out to the sides. About shoulder height. And then very slowly lower back down. The slower you go on the way down, the little bit more toning you're going to get in your shoulders. Once again, slowly come on up. And slowly come down.

If your shoulders bother you at all, don't worry about being straight out to the side. You can let the weights come a little bit in front of you. Slowly lift up with a gentle v shape. That's it. And come on down. And just one more time, lifting up to the sides. Beautiful. And slowly coming on down. One more for the shoulders. You're going to bend the elbows. Bring the weights to your shoulders. Good. And keeping the weights facing forward, press them all the way up overhead. Very nice. And slowly coming back down.

With this one you have to be careful that your back's not arching at all. So stand up really tall. Hug baby to the spine. Press the weights all the way up overhead. And slowly come on down. As you press up, just imagine you're taking your newborn baby, pressing them all the way up and giving them a big smile. And slowly coming down. Good. Relax. Weights by your sides.

With all these exercises you can do ten to fifteen reps, three times through, a couple times a week. And you can use a weight that's comfortable for you. Something that's challenging, but not impossible, and not exhausting for you.

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