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How to Tone Your Legs & Buttocks while Pregnant

Learn how to tone your legs and butt while pregnant from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to show you a few exercises to tone your legs and butt while pregnant. First one we're going to show you is how to do a lunge.

Nicki's going to face and place her hands on the chair. The chair is simply for the sake of balance. If she doesn't feel like she's needing it, she can take her hands off the chair, but it's always there for her if she feels a little off-balance. From here she's going to put her weight on her right leg, keeping the right knee over the ankle, gently set the left foot back behind her, being on the ball of the foot, keep the heel lifted and just bend the left knee towards the floor.

Very gently using the front of, using the back of the right to she'll step her left foot forward and switch. Weight on the left leg, right leg steps back, gently bend the right knee towards the floor, left knee stays over the ankle to mid foot. Good, and then she's gently switching from side to side. As you lunge, keep your spine nice and tall, shoulders back, and try to use the back of the front leg, your hamstring and butt of the front leg to lift yourself back up to center. Very nice. From here, she's going to continue to face the chair with her hands on the chair.

We're going to do calf raises to tone your calf. So the hands on the chair, you're going to have your feet about shoulder width apart, shift the weight onto the balls of the feet, lift up through the front of the belly, and press the heels up and slowly lower them down. Good, nice and tall, press on up, shoulders back, beautiful. And slowly lower down. Once more, pressing up, good, and lowering down very nice.

Also we'll show you this for the outer thigh and the butt. She's going to face and just use the chair and one hand for a little bit of balance and stability. Shifting the weight into the right leg, she's just going to lift the left leg straight out to the side and slowly back down. Left hand can be out for balance, here in the waste as well.

That's another alternative you can do here, Nicki can lift her leg to the side, toes turned in, like a little bit behind the line of the hip, and it will squeeze the butt a bit more. Slowly lower down, keeping the leg turned and lift the leg out of the side slightly behind the line of the hip, and slowly lower down. She can also do with the leg turned out, kind of like in ballet class. She'll lift up, the lake will be slightly in front of the line of the hip, and the first one work the butt, this one's going to work the front of the thigh little bit more.

Very nice, and then relax. So all of these exercises you can do multiple reps, maybe 10 to 15. Make sure that if you're doing asymmetrical exercises, one-sided exercises, that you do both legs evenly. Do a couple of sets, a couple times a week, and your legs will be nice and strong.

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