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How to Strengthen Your Back While Pregnant

Learn how to strengthen your back while pregnant from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to take you through a few exercises to strengthen your back while you're pregnant.

It is so important for mamas to have strong backs because the more you're carrying your baby in your arms, the more strain it's going to put on your back. If you can get it strong before baby comes out, you'll feel much more comfortable when you're carrying your child around.

We're going to start with what's called a dead lift.

You can do this with any amount of weight. We have some three pound dumbbells that Vickie's going to hold.

She's going to stand nice and tall with her feet about shoulder width apart. Very nice.

From here, standing up nice and tall, keeping your spine as it is, just with a hinge from the hips. Chest reaches forward, the arms just relaxed towards the floor. That's it. Go ahead.

Send your hips back and lean over a little bit more, working towards getting parallel with the floor with your upper body. It may not get there all the way and that's perfectly fine.

When you're ready to come up, you're going to recruit your hamstrings, backside and butt. Stand up nice and tall, squeezing your butt as you come on up. Good.

Then slowly hinging from the waist, hips back, chest forward, keeping the spine nice and long. Even better.

Come on up one more time. That's it. Drop your hip bones and then go over it once more. Show us that beautiful form. Very nice.

Slowly coming on up. Very good.

I'll take those weights and we're going to take you down to the floor for two more to strengthen your upper back.

From all fours, Vickie's going to take the dumbbell in just her right hand. We're going to do one side at a time.

Keeping the spine nice and neutral, baby is going to hug in towards the spine to keep your back protected.

She's simply going to draw her elbow towards the ceiling, keeping the whole body toward the floor. Then relax it down.

Again, draw the elbow up.

This is called a row. It's strengthening the back of your upper body.

And then once more, nice and gently. Very good.

We're going to also do what's called a reverse fly. This is one that helps with the posture and it also makes the back of your arm really pretty.

You're going to turn your palm away from you. Very nice. Then keeping the arm straight this time, reach the arm out to the side, engaging the back of the shoulder and the back of the shoulder blades. Slowly letting it release. Good.

Again, engaging the back of the shoulders. This is where it's going to get really pretty back here. You're going to get really strong across the upper back. That's going to help with your posture. You're going to want to round forward once the baby comes out and you're carrying baby around. This will help counteract that. Good.

Once more. Beautiful. Come on down and release the weight. Very nice.

It's very important to strengthen your back when you're pregnant so that way post-pregnancy, when you don't have time to go to the gym, you're still having a little bit of the effects of all the work you did when you're pregnant.

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