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How to Do Squat Exercises While Pregnant

Learn squat exercises for pregnant women from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to take you through three options for squat exercises you can do while pregnant. Squat exercises are great for toning your front thigh, your back thigh, and butt. Nikki is going to start by using a chair to assist her. This will make it very easy for anyone to do a squat. And all you're going to do is stick your butt back and tap the chair, reaching the arms forward, and slowly come back up standing. You can keep on going, nice and gently, weight on the heels more than the toes, and if for some reason, if you lose a little strength in your legs, the chair is here to catch you. No worries. Very nice.

So if that feels really easy, will take it up a level. She's not going to use the chair this time. Nikki is now going to imagine there's a chair behind her, reach her hands forward, her hips back, trying to keep the knees somewhere between the ankle and mid foot so they're not going over the toes. Very nice. Notice you can get a little lower with the chair not there, because Nikki's very strong.

Now to challenge her just a little bit more, Nikki is going to turn around, place her hands in the chair. This is for balance sake. You may not need to do this if you feel really strong with your balance. We're going to do single leg squats. She's going to place the weight in her left foot, and just lift her right foot off the floor. From here, just as before, she's going to set her hips back, reach her chest forward, and bend her left knee. That's it, and then slowly come up and down.

You can go as low as comfortable, and you take it nice and easy, and you can try the other leg. Your weight is going to go in the heels, hips go back, slowly lowering to a comfortable depth, and coming back up. For all these exercises, 10, 15 reps is wonderful, make sure if you're single legs that you do both legs. You can do three sets of 10, several times a week, and this is going to make your legs nice and strong so you can carry your beautiful belly around.

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