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How to Do Tailor Exercises while Pregnant

Learn how to do tailor exercises while pregnant from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


I'm going to talk you through how to do a taylor exercise. Taylor exercises are great for toning the inner thighs and the pelvic floor. Vickie's going to sit with her feet together, knees out to the side, her spine nice and tall.

Take a deep inhale here and then as you exhale gently lean forward, elbows come to the insides of the knees. As you inhale again, you're going to squeeze your knees against your elbows and resist with your elbows. Inner thighs engaged, pelvic floor lifts up. As you exhale, relax your muscles and very gently lean forward again, placing the elbows on the inside of the knees.

As you inhale, squeeze the inner thighs, lift the pelvic floor. And then as you exhale let it all relax and lean forward. Once more. Inhale. Squeeze the inner thighs, lift the pelvic floor, engaging the muscles gently. And then exhale, letting everything relax, leaning forward. Good. When you're ready to come up, inhale, lift the spine nice and tall and then exhale, relax.

You can do this exercise several times a day ,couple times a week as long as it's comfortable and you feel you want to tone your inner thighs and your pelvic floor.

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