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How to Do SI Joint Dysfunction Exercises while Pregnant

Learn exercises for SI joint dysfunction from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


I'm going to talk to you a little about a side joint dysfunction. It happens a lot in pregnant women.

Later in the second and third trimester the hormone relaxin flows through the body to soften up the ligaments. Which is great to allow your pelvis to expand to let the baby pass through. It's not so great when it's allowing certain ligaments to overstretch and the bones to kind of slip a little bit in place.

With SI joint dysfunction you're sacrum, this triangular bone at the bottom of your spine, at the back of your pelvis, gets a little out of place in relation to the back of the pelvis and those bones back there. It's a little uncomfortable. You'll know it because you'll feel a little bit of pain or discomfort in your back side. Slightly to one side.

The good news is there's some stuff you can do when you're pregnant to relieve some of the pain. Not necessarily to put it back in place completely though.

I'll start with one pose that's going to be great and very easy to do when you're pregnant. We're going to do a little bridge pose.

So if you can, lie on your back please. Once you're on your back you'll bend your knees. Separate your feet about hip distance apart. Gently press into the feet and lift your pelvis up. Good. Press into the arms as you do this. Very lovely.

What this is doing is using the muscles in your backside to encourage the sacrum back in place. Should feel nice and comfortable. Not too bad.

Slowly come back down. Come up, gently up to sitting. Very nice. Rolling to one side is very important. Good job Vicky.

So here we're going to do a half moon pose variation which will also allow a little compression on the sacrum. Which should feel really nice.

[You guys can] come on to all fours. This one's going to be a little more complicated talk through. Once you're there it should feel really good.

From here we're going to make a little kick stand so she can balance. Her left foot is going to kick towards the side a little bit. Towards me. That's it. Then she's going to tuck her right toes under and reach them back. Very nice.

From here turn the heel, right heel down so it's on the floor. Good. Bring your right hand onto your waist. From here she's going to bring her whole body to the side. Her shoulders are stacked and her hips are stacking. It's kind of like a side plank.

If she's feeling pretty good and balanced she'll lift her right foot off the floor. Good. From here you're in a half moon just little closer to the floor. The top part of the pelvis is compressing the bottom part and thereby compressing the sacrum. That compression should feel like a nice relief of the SI joint dysfunction.

Once she's ready to come down she'll just put her foot down. Slowly bring her hand down to the mat. Bring both knees down. A lovely little stretch is then take Child's Pose letting her body relax.

If your SI is feeling like it is being aggravated please see your doctor right away. They can assist you in some different types of belts and whatnot to hold the sacrum in place and relieve some of the pain.

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