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How to Do Sciatica Exercises While Pregnant

Learn exercises for sciatica during pregnancy from fitness expert Cait Morth in this Howcast workout video.


We're going to take you through a sciatica exercise if you have prenatal sciatica.

Sciatica has a couple of different routes. It can start up in the spine and there can be compression of the sciatic nerve from there.

We're going to address what happens if the sciatic nerve is actually getting compressed because the butt muscles that encase it are too tight.

The best way to do this is actually with a pigeon pose. With prenatal you have to be a little more accommodating for your pigeon. We're going to have Vickie come up on a bolster with her pelvis so that she can get the belly out of the way for the stretch.

She's going to take her right leg in front of the bolster. The foot can be very close to the bolster as she comes here. Her whole pelvis will be on here so there's a little bit of room for the back leg to reach behind her and there's room for the front leg to stretch.

From here, we're going to take one block and place it underneath her chest. This will allow for room for the baby so we're not squishing your little one.

Then one block underneath the head so the neck is not feeling too much stress.

From here, very gently relax into the pose and relax into the stretch.

With the leg forward like this, the right back side is going to be able to stretch and be able to give the sciatic nerve a little bit of relief.

You stay here anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes until you feel like the muscles have stretched out and you feel like there's a little bit of relief in that area.

When you're ready to come out of the pose, very gently bring your hands underneath the shoulders and slowly use your arms to lift your chest.

From there, you can just sit off to one side and gently draw the leg back.

Very nice.

So, if sciatica is bothering you during pregnancy, it may not show up after the baby has been delivered. If it does, talk to your doctor and find out more about your sciatica.

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